2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Urban Eagle

  1. i must say, im really looking forward to “what’s next”… “New Mzansi” was some really heart pulling stuff, you were on the border of truth. in fact im almost positive,these situations aren’t only SA based. Aids all over a world seem like a damn commodity. Being HIV + doesn’t mean your CD4 count is at a certain level/ strain, it now means you become a victim of “other”… anyway, lovely inserts you have on your blog, very smart and real…
    PS; its mandy, we met on the flight to JNB. here’s my blog scorpiodiaries.tumblr.com and my email add: mandisathusini@yahoo.com . Hope your weekend was good

    • Hey Mandi, glad you decided to check out the link I gave you! Thank you for making an effort to give me feedback, I really appreciate that. ‘smart and real’ – what I was hoping for. Anyway, I will make an effort to check out your tumblr. In the meantime I thought you might enjoy this as well http://wp.me/s1fhwU-ayobaman

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